Things on my mind lately:

1) I have listened to Trouble Will Find Me approximately 80 times in two weeks. It’s suiting my mood in all its strange, occasionally dreary and occasionally manic moods. The album’s moods, not mine.

2) I’ve overcome the biggest hurdle in my “Watch what you own/play what you own/listen to what you own before buying anything else” plan by finishing a rewatch of Sherlock that included a first time watching Reichenbach Falls all the way through for the first time. I have a lot of FEELINGS about this show.

See, no "unwatched" dot anymore. Only took two years.

See, no “unwatched” dot anymore. Only took two years.


3) To my great shock, I’ve found I enjoy shooters; hunting zombies in an abandoned mining town with nary a bullet to be found was hugely satisfying. I got very good at bludgeoning monsters and headcrabs to death with a crowbar.


4) I’m rewatching Nevermind the Buzzcocks, despite the fact that I know probably 10% of the songs/bands they’re talking about and even fewer of the presenters. However, it did introduce me to Sparks, and jesus christ if it wasn’t for the National this would be the only song I’ve listened to for a week, just because of its great bonkers-ness.

5) I’m nearly done with a re-read of 1984, which I last read in high school. In high school, I found it haunting and romantic; I find it much less so as an adult. And while I can see why so many people are making reference to the work now, I think the depressing thing about the book isn’t that Orwell predicted parts of the future so perfectly, but instead that human nature has been so consistently awful for so long that he COULD. That’s very much an unfinished, unoriginal thought, though.


6)  I only did this entry this way because the first entry is always so hard to write.