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July she will fly and give no warning to her flight

Friends, July was a wash.

For every entry in the plus column there was as big an entry in the negative (although if I’m trying for an optimist viewpoint I should say that for every negative there was a positive, but what am I, a self-help book?).

IMG_0658The summer is what it is, so I probably won’t be back to a regular posting schedule for a little bit yet, but I see a week ahead that is blessedly quiet. I have time. Time to myself. Time to catch up on sleep and to read and to play games and to nap and to breathe a little bit. July, I won’t miss you for ONE SECOND. Welcome, August.


In the meantime, an update:

Am Reading:

Hamlet, although I’ve just finished it. It was next on my Classics list, and I enjoyed it in the same way I did the first time around — which is to say, it’s beautiful and the language is beautiful and you might look like a bit of a nut reading it aloud in your car but sometimes that’s what you’ve got to do. But since I’m no Shakespearean scholar I didn’t read it all that deeply; I get that there’s a lot of value in its depths, but I knew just enough to keep it enjoyable.

Three things kept hopping through my head as I read, though. The lines from The Wasteland:

I remember
Those are pearls that were his eyes.
“Are you alive or not? Is there nothing in your head?”
OOOO that Shakespeherian Rag –
It’s so elegant
So intelligent

Stephen Deadelus’ Hamlet theory in Ulysses and all the fun wordplay contained in that section:

If others have their will Ann hath a way

-Why did he not leave her his best bed if he wished her to snore away the rest of her nights in peace?

-It is clear that there were two beds, a best and a secondbest, Mr Secondbest best said finely.

-Antiquity mentions famous beds, Second Eglington puckered, bed smiling. Let me think.

-The sense of beauty leads us astray, said beautifulinsadness Best to ogling Eglington.

And finally, I thought of Sleep No More (since that’s a quote from Hamlet anyway) and all its melancholy, terrifying beauty. That play has seriously never left me, it left me awed.

Am Doing:

Hanging with Sar meant lots of fun stuff, including my first ever trip to the beachcomber (so so food, gorgeous setting) in Wellfleet, a sunset walk in Quivet Neck, and (sadly for him) a vet visit for Baxter to get some hot spot antibiotics.


Tonight I’m missing my aunt Marilu’s barbecue in Jamaica Plain, and Sarah’s going home, and I’m generally feeling sad about it all. I was teary when I left the house, because she’ll be all the way back in Cali and that’s so far away!


So I’m going to comfort Baxter the mope and myself the best way I know how. We’re going to crank the A/C, put terrible tv on and go to bed around 8pm. It’ll be magical.


Am Playing:

Um, nothing at the moment, I got caught up in real life.

I did start Mass Effect last week before my sister’s visit, and I’ve been playing a bit of Revolution 60 — it’s kind of fun to play those two at the same time. I only played ME for about 15 minutes, just long enough to get halfway through the first mission.


Sun is shining in the sky / there ain’t a cloud in sight / it’s stopped raining / everyone’s in a play / and you don’t know / it’s a beautiful new day (a-a-ay)

Hey there Mr Blue / We’re so pleased to be with you 

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