Apparently what I’m doing right now is waking up every night to the sound of coyotes hunting. They’re taking something big down, says wikipedia, because they hunt small prey singly or in pairs, and this is a big group (although they also kill rabbits which I recognize by the screaming jesus christ nature why are you so TERRIFYING). Anyway, coyotes wail when they hunt, this totally hair raising noise. Baxter stands next to the door at full alert, silent and watchful.


Anyway, it’s not scary in the sense that I feel in danger because a) inside and b) human and c) big dog, but at 2 am I feel shivery and alarmed and the next day I feel a bit dreamy and disconnected. Thanks a lot, coyotes.

IMG_1015All of a sudden it’s October and Baxter and I are having daily walks morning and night and I used to think that if I woke up early and faced the day I would have a better outlook. I am much happier when I roll out of bed and into the car. However, Baxter’s enormous nose in my face (topped by hopeful eyes) at 6 am is impossible to ignore, and I guess the pretty fall mornings are kind of worth it.

I’ve been trying to learn to code in free time at work, which is difficult concentration wise but does make the days a bit better. I … am a huge nerd, because I enjoy learning something (anything) again. It just seems like a good skill to have.

I’m avoiding writing about the thing that has been brewing in my brain all day. I think it needs some steeping time.


I’m currently mostly done with The Girl Who Never Was by Skylar Dorset, which is a YA love letter to Boston. I mean, that’s not ALL it is, obviously, it’s also a great story, but Boston shines through, terrible transportation and all (the Green Line makes an appearance as a sinister route, which I appreciate. Anyone who has had to take the green line after a baseball game knows the misery…)


I am fully out of my gaming drought thanks to Shadows of Mordor which is fantastic. I am very very bad at stealthy games (I give up on Assassin’s Creed games in a fury when I fail a spying mission six times in a row) but this one is forgiving of that, and also the combat is a blast. It is the kind of game I wanted to play on console forever, so I’m feeling very content with it.

There’s Borderlands coming out next week, and there’s already the Warlords of Draenor drumbeat to come back to WoW (no, thanks) and it’s nice to want to play games again.