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I had strange, disjointed dreams and woke up disquieted. I will be honest: just surviving this week feels like a goddamn triumph. And there’s this voice in my head reminding me of how much harder other people have it, and I know that, I DO, but I’ve been reliving the worst week of my life in real time in some dark recess of my brain and I can’t make it stop. Today, a year ago, this is what was happening. Today, a year ago, I …


So, yes, getting through the day, doing good work, keeping up with the very basics to be functioning (sleep, eat, shower, repeat) feels like an uphill climb. It’ll pass. But it’s been a year, and anniversaries matter whether you will or no, and so.



A day in the life.

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I kept hearing that these Philips lights are life changing. I wouldn't go that far, but it's true that I wake up without a blaring alarm every damn morning now. On the other hand, the slowly brightening light wakes the dog up at 5:30. Still, the sunlight effect is lovely!


Send the dog outside into the chilly morning. He is not pleased.


We make up with it with playtime. Toys only last a day in his world.


I don't have any caffeine in the house, so I'm stuck with seltzer. Luckily, Polar Seltzer is mana from the gods. There was an article on last year about how obsessive Polar fans are; I feel that.


Shower time! I have fully embraced the slight kitchy-ness of my cabin, down to the fake wood panelling on the walls, so this new shower curtain makes me smile.


Face stuff. I am too lazy for makeup but day cream makes me feel a little brighter.


March sunlight is already taking my breath away; so dramatic and gorgeous.


I've been struggling a bit, still, with the aftermath of my father's death and with the pure crisis mode I lived in for years before he died; I was a horrible friend in that time. Today's Carolyn Hax made me feel guilty and better all at once. I haven't been brave enough to try to reach out to those amazing friends, yet. But I will get better, and I will.


Baxter. I JUST vacuumed.


Oh man, weather. I'm getting whiplash.


Journal, to-do list, and a quick mental pep talk.


I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't buy any new games until I finished the ones I own, and apparently that stretches to freemium games on the iPad. I'm about half done with Final Fantasy Record Keeper.


Oh, look at how bright it's getting. Time to go to work.


I commute an hour each way daily, so audio books, podcasts and plays are my saviors. I was excited to find a Poirot I hadn't heard before, even if it wasn't read by my One True Poirot (David Suchet). Hugh Fraser's pretty good, though, although it's a bit weird to hear Hastings do Poirot.


I rarely find time to leave for lunch anymore, so I stop by whole foods for breakfast and lunch. Bit pricey, but tastes good. Plus, they're my local source for my favorite caffeine drink, hi-ball.


And here we are, at work.


Quiet before I unlock the doors for the day.


It's 1pm before I get a chance to make a to-do list. This day is kicking my ass.


Breakfast, working on Animal Crossing for that same goal (I've decided that when my house is completely expanded and paid off, I'll call it finished). I try not to do work on lunch but I can't help replying to an email or two.


By the time I look up next, it's nearly closing. I've got my inbox down to 19 emails though, which feels like a success.


Time to lock the doors and gtfo.


Got some boxes today! The huge one is a wedge pillow, which I bought because I don't have room for a comfy chair in the house.


The other box has shoes! And a couple of books. I've been using variations of these shoes for over a year now and adore them.


Chat with my brother; my little nephew is sick with a terrible bug and has thrown up for only the second time in his life. So traumatic for a little guy.


Unbox the final bit of stuff, new clothes! I'm super excited to wear the owl skirt this spring. Warmer weather is so close.


More playtime. This toy did not last any longer than his others, despite my futile hopes.




I'm disturbed to see my rug staring back up at me. Honestly, dog.


I ask him to explain the eye and he explains by cuddling.


The house is half neat, half disorganized. I need to get things in order.


Better. ish.


More mana from the heavens.


Browse the web, play some Mass Effect 2. Shep just looks skeptical and or snarky about 99% of the time and I adore her.


Realize how late it's getting. To keep me honest in my goals, my friend and I created a joint blog about the games we're playing and the progress we're making on our backlog. I make 15 minute sketches about my week in games and then blather lots; Freddie Prinze Jr.'s stream on Twitch keeps me company. Seriously, can't believe that guy streams, but I love it. Especially when he tells stories in the Iron Bull voice.

And thence to sleep! Thanks for reading!

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