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I did it, mom!

I got that making youtube videos was hard work. I didn’t realize just how hard it was when you’re not on a Mac.
I used Screenflow on my laptop. It was pretty great — smart enough to separate game audio from vent from my mic and to record each of these as a separate channel so I could edit them all individually — helpful because I had an extra hissy mic at the time. It took me weeks to find the same thing for windows (I’m trying out PlayClaw now) and it works well except …

They’re out of sync. And it’s not just a matter of tweaking the in/out points of the audio because they slowly continue to get out of sync as the video goes on. Which makes me want to tear out my hair.

It also makes me have HUGE respect for the prolific youtubers out there, as I realize just how much work they put into those little 15 minute videos.

Luckily, I have talented coworkers — an audio engineer, a 3d graphics designer, a photographer. I have a wealth of knowledge here just for the asking. Sound engineer is coming in particularly handy as he explains the importance of choosing the correct codecs because of EXACTLY this issue. Which means I’ll have to do some experimenting as time goes on.

So basically what I’m saying is that this is a video where the audio doesn’t match up quite right, and it’s my first night of playing, and … uh. You know, the usual disclaimers. Having fun.



Evolving into bad jokes

Because seriously the title of that game just invites bad joke after bad joke doesn’t it? Or is it just that I have friends who make really bad jokes.

Probably that.

So Evolve is a strange little game. When I THINK about playing it, I feel reluctant to log on and reluctant to play. I can see it as a game with high burnout — but then…

Then you play with 4 people you know and it’s amazing. It changes the nature of the game entirely to something fun, frantic and very mean. There’s something extra fun about destroying a friend in combat. (I say this as the person who hasn’t had to be the monster yet, ofc). Any game that requires good coordination among a team is going to benefit from that team knowing each other. We’ve played together for a while, and there’s a comfort level and also a certain degree of trust that happens.

I still have footage to  selectively edit into me being amazing  to upload, but I keep forgetting to bring home a drive from work and the files are too big for Dropbox/iCloud drive. Tonight! Tonight I will bring them home.

The rest of the week looks fun too — I have Minecraft tonight (FINALLY SOMEONE WILL PLAY MINECRAFT PC WITH ME) and then Frozen Thursday and then more Dragon Age. I’m playing and loving more games lately than I have in years. And loving them. Oh, video games.




It’s surprisingly hard to find a game that all of my friends get excited about. Except LoL, and I’m sorry to say that I’m the party pooper there. Mobas just don’t do it for me.

Evolve, though, everyone was excited for and I was on board because if everyone wants to play it I’ll at least give it a shot. An expensive shot in this case, but luckily it paid off. I quite like it!

I recorded and this weekend will edit, but actually, the thing I noticed most?

I didn’t assume I’d be bad because I haven’t been playing shooters my whole life. I didn’t assume I’d be bad because I’ve never played this sort of game. And when I was clumsy and, ok, bad (you’ll see the video) at first I realized that it would pass and if I played more I would get better. Even within the first few times of playing, I improved — instead of just using the healing gun because I was too frazzled, I got good at tags and even marking.

And that’s such an obvious thing, right? That’s the way everyone everywhere has always told me to play games. And it took all this time for it to sink in.

I’ll never be mlg. But after all these years, I finally realized I’ll also never be truly terrible.




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