I was going to write about Evolve today (according to my self assigned schedule) but I haven’t played it at all this week, to be honest. It’s a game that I enjoy when playing with friends, and everyone’s been sucked into other games for the time being (including LoL, sigh). So instead I’ve been playing my current mainstays: DA:I & Minecraft.

Last night was Frozen Thursday, though, and the first one in a while, so I got to play a little  bit of Forced with Choo. Both of us are completionists in this type of game so we spent quite a bit of time completing the time challenges on a couple of the early levels.

Forced is a great little puzzler/top down fighter. It’s not particularly complicated but it does require precision and teamwork. Choo and I aren’t new to teamwork games — we were rockstars at Portal and we collaborated on Braid. It’s a good complement of strengths and weaknesses and in general we can make each other understand what we want to have happen with very few words.

I find that I get very very sloppy the later the night goes — when I’m tired my brain stutters and stops and, what with the iCape plague rolling around the store I’ve been very tired indeed. Plus, and I’m just going to go off on a tangent here, I’ve been doing that whole standing all day thing and it really, really exhausts me. There’s no anti-fatigue mat and the computer is a little too low for me and also standing all day is very tiring. Weirdly, on day one I feel fine and can stand without a problem, but by the time Saturday rolls around my body aches. It’s a cumulative effect. But it’s good for me, right? Right.

Anyway, by the time we were trying to kill the last boss in 3 minutes there was no hope of me¬†following directions or plans whatsoever. But for the first few, I was more or less on point. Mostly less, but I had a few very good plays. I do panic a lot. There’s a lot of button mashing, which is deadly in this game. This little clip is after about 30 minutes of experimenting to find the right order and to make sure everyone was in the right place at the right time.


Just a total blast.


There needs to be more co-op games, though. Co-op puzzlers are amazing, if you’re working with the right person, but really almost any co-op game is pretty great. MMOs tried, successfully, to capitalize on that with huge groups, but it’s not quite the same as that two or three or four person team. We bought the humble bundle of the week which was almost all online co-op and I’m psyched to keep playing them.